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9" - Elsie Soft Cow Stuffie

9" - Elsie Soft Cow Stuffie

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It’s hard not to fall in love with the baby dairy cows on the farm and now you can bring one home for yourself! Elsie the Soft Cow stuffed animal is decked out in the signature black and white spotted coat of the Holstein breed. Luxurious materials that are soft as a cloud make Elsie an appealing friend to cuddle and hold. Her floppy pose has been gently weighted with beans to promote snuggle-time fun. Cloven hooves and a velvety pink nose add detail and charm to our lovable plush calf, while warm, amber colored eyes bring her to life. Scoop up this farmyard sweetheart in your arms, Elsie the plush Cow will soak up all the love and attention you can give!



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